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Since its inception, roadside assistance has been one of Middlesea Assist’s core competence. In our small island, the vehicle population is growing every year making efficient road transportation an essential necessity for every family and individual. In case of a breakdown or an accident that requires our help, Middlesea Assist call-centre will be at your service 24/7 in Maltese and English and will attend to your needs together with another 20,000 assistances per year. We will provide you with peace of mind and live up to your expectations thanks to our own fleet of tow-trucks complemented by a vast network of providers.



GOLD (*)(**)

PLATINUM (*)(**)

Geographical Coverage


Europe without Malta

Malta and Sicily

Malta and Europe

Category A - Vehicles up to 2000 kgs, Commercial vehicles up to 1500 kgs, Motorbikes over 125 cc and Quads.

50.00 €

55.00 €

65.00 €

75.00 €

Category B - Vehicles up to 3500 kgs including 4x4.

60.00 €

65.00 €

80.00 €

90.00 €

Category C - Motorbikes up to 125cc.

35.00 €

40.00 €

50.00 €

60.00 €

*Max. 6 call-outs per membership/year in Malta.  
**Max. 3 call-outs per membership/year outside of Malta and in Europe

Either for business or pleasure, we realise that many are discovering the pleasure to travel overland to mainland Europe. Middlesea Assist has launched a project making roadside assistance available in all of Europe (not only EU) thus adding value to your travelling and making your holiday or business trip even more enjoyable.

Platinum Cover includes:

  • Local roadside assistance
  • Roadside assistance within the European territory
  • Mediphone service

Gold Cover includes:

  • Local roadside assistance
  • Roadside assistance within Sicily (peripheral islands excluded)
  • Mediphone service

ERSA Cover includes:

  • Roadside assistance within the European territory excluding the Maltese territory

Silver Cover includes:

  • Local roadside assistance

Terms and conditions apply